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    Vocation Retreats                                  Oct 13-15-2017

    Will of God-St Paul of the Cross       Sept 29-Oct 1-2017

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Today's Reflection

The Seven Sorrows of Our Holy Mother Mary

Our Sorrowful Mother
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               GUEST / RETREAT HOUSE

 Our Guest/Retreat House and Chapel, located on a peaceful 170-acre site of beautiful woodlands, gives women and men of Catholic and other Christian denominations the opportunity...
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St. Joseph Watches Over His Guest House

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   1st Profession of Vows!

Sr Frances Marie CP 1st Prof
  Sr. Frances Marie, CP

August 15th dawned bright and clear, almost as sunshiny as the joy radiating from the face of Sr. Frances Marie as she eagerly awaited the afternoon’s Mass and her consecration as the newest Bride of Jesus Crucified. We were joined....
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"Monastic Focus" Reflections and Meditations

We love being Brides of Christ and Daughters of the Church!

                                                 Sr Lucia Marie, C.P.        Sr. Cecilia Maria CP        Sr. Frances Marie, C.P. 
          Sister Mary Andrea, C.P.                Sister Lucia Marie, C.P.              Sister Cecilia Maria, C.P.            Sister Frances Marie, C.P. 

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 The teaching authority of the Catholic Church, called the Magisterium, lies with all of the bishops who are led by the pope and guided by the Holy Spirit. The pope and bishops are the authoritative teachers in the Church. This teaching mission of the Church comes from Christ himself. The responsibility for fulfilling that mandate passes on unchanged to the pope, to the bishops and then to all Catholics.

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